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  • Dennis and Abigail Holman

    Dear Vermont Academy,

    I just wanted to express our huge gratitude to all of you for preparing our son, Dennis, for college at the University of Arizona. Dennis scored a 4.0 in his first semester course work! He basically followed the same study format he undertook at VA, meeting with his professors, studying on Friday nights (shocking), and doing every darn extra credit project that was offered. He also joined four clubs including Spanish. He took upper division Spanish for Native Speakers and is now fluent. None of this happens without the things he learned and was taught at VA. You pretty much raised our son and did a darn great job.

    Much love,
    Dennis and Abigail Holman, former parents
  • Marty and Vaughan

    As a former prep school teacher for 15 years, I have a deep appreciation for all that you do and how challenging your jobs are. Our son is already a different person because of you. It is hard to describe the changes that my husband, Vaughan, and I have witnessed in these short months. Our son chose VA, came to us and said, "This is the only place I want to go. Is this possible?" So, we are blessedly at VA. He is the happiest he has ever been in his life. That is because of you teachers and coaches. He absolutely loves school. Finally our son has teachers who know him, like him, and appreciate him. You push him to his potential and care about him and his uniqueness. You need to know what a HUGE difference you have made in our son’s life in 4 short months. There is no better gift for a parent to know that their child is finally happy at school and appreciated for who they are. We are so very, very grateful to all of you for making his experience at VA so special.
  • Shayne Hill

    I am very grateful for the experience my daughter, Ava, had at Vermont Academy. As the parent of a day student girl, I underestimated the impact that a boarding school community could offer her. She has experienced the benefits of being immersed in a nurturing and supportive community. Her teachers and coaches at VA make it a priority to know my daughter and form connections with her. She was engaged in school life and encouraged to try new things. She gained self-confidence and independence, all while managing a challenging academic schedule. Above all, she exudes happiness and has a realization of just how special this time is.