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  • Photo of Jennifer Zaccara

    Dr. Jennifer Zaccara 

    Head of School
    (802) 869-6221
    Trinity College - BA and MA
    University of Connecticut - PhD
  • Kashanie Butler 

    Assistant to Head of School

Our Promise

At Vermont Academy, learning by doing inspires the independent thinker.
We believe that high school isn’t just a time to learn how to launch a business, create a masterpiece, and save the planet, but to actually do it.
You belong here because you want to learn about the natural world by experiencing the majesty and mystique of the wilderness first-hand.
You belong here not only because you want to learn the language that will power a robot but also to write your own code.
You belong here because you don’t fit a mold and seek a kind, caring community where your greatness will come alive.
You belong here because, like us, you believe knowledge can’t change the world if it’s left inside a book.
Vermont Academy doesn’t just educate its students. We teach students to be the authors of their own education, for life.